We have come a long way, Love

(c) 02.24.16


Meeting you the highlight

your voice, a calming sea

the gift of serenity

your embrace the safe place

I long for eternity


we have come a long way love


A summer full of musica, church, picnics, festivals,

cultura, road trips, concerts, kisses, and hugs

…a summer full of promise…

even in the midst of a huge family loss…

Yet Jesus at the center

holding and speaking to our hearts along the way

never did I know…never did I know

A love like this one

Patient and Kind

Honest and True


we have come a long way love


from days of fear and uncertainty

to days of dreaming and possibilities

I mean look at all the Lord has already done


that is what comes to mind when I pray


we have come a long way love


from days of loneliness, depression

days of deep heartbreak

and replaced them with the greatest

and only ingredient that can lift up the weight of our ruins

that can only come from God

and that is Love

because God is love



Florida sunshine and palmas

full of grace; surrender; worship

Praying for one another

along the path laid out for us

from hiking in bear mountain

to fellowshiping with friends…

meeting your wonderful family

blessings only God can send


we have come a long way love


and it feels right

Walking by faith and not by sight…


A huge part of me will always be You.

An ode to my familia in New York City

When I came to New York City it was a leap of faith

Trusting that this journey had a purpose

I took the jump

I imagined all kinds of things happening

But kept pressing on

Never did I imagine that I would be so blessed

That someone like you would cross my path

And teach me about the important things

Like kindness, patience, sincerity, and love

Things that are not easy to practice of

In places we don’t always feel safe

But your friendship has made this journey worthwhile

It has been a blanket of safety in times of trial

No other words can ring more true

A huge part of me will always be you.


*I took this tiny ode and taped it to the back of antique New York City postcards I bought and gave one to each of my friends before I left NYC in 2016.


© 05/23/2015

swaying left and right with the wind 

like hips swinging to the sounds of the conga

then returning to its center, la calma


Some thin like a beanstalk and 

some thick like piñas

when I think of how they stand tall and free

I think of how we were meant to be like palm trees

growing in warm climates

without the heavy weight of layers

that hide our flavor, nuestro sabor

we were meant to be like palm trees

standing strong, no matter what huracan may come

we were meant to be like palm trees

once symbols of victory, peace, and fertility

we were meant to be like palm trees

with our leaves raised up, worshiping God 

we were meant to be like palm trees 

ondeando sola, fuerte, independiente


I once called them coconut trees

I hope to see you everyday in more than just my dreams…

a moment in time

© 03-31-2013

Distorted perception of time

mind too busy on the future

present left behind

How can I see you now

the beauty that you behold in my eyes

How can I hang on to that moment of

your laughter

your gaze

your love….for music..for life…for me

How can I just tell you what I feel inside

How can I undress the core of my soul in your presence

When I feel like if I do, you might run and hide

Yet if I don’t, I may never know how you truly feel inside.

If you leave…good-bye

but if you stay…life will change..

and it will be something we both can agree on

and a risk that we are willing to take

by a leap of faith

perception of time

mind in the present

never left behind…


(c) 01.19.15

As I stand before you


Nothing but a body

With a mind, a heart, a soul

Just the way I started

Listening in silence

For the cry of life

That I am alive

Bare and so vulnerable

but with a purpose

Waiting for God to speak

So I can move forward

Unsure of what should I move towards

or where should I go

So I can continue to grow

Maiah Nicole

© 01.13.15

You, baby girl, are “my shining star

no matter who you are shining bright to see

what you could truly be”

You were in the belly of someone I was just beginning to know

we were kindred spirits helping each other grow

Your mom and I, comadres because of you

You were the blessing that brought us through many very difficult times

to hear your little voice having trouble breathing

to hold you and hear your little strong heart beating

When you were but a week old you were crying because it was cold

in the hospital radiology room and you were scared

I had to take you there because your mother couldn’t bear to see you crying, it broke her heart

I held you as they prepped you for x-rays and tried to hold you in place

as tears were running down your little face

and you kept crying with your mighty mini lungs

and all I wanted to do was take away your fear

so I got closer to your ear and whispered lightly “Maiah don’t worry I am here”

and by the grace of God you stopped crying

it was as if you heard a familiar sound

your reaction was so profound

and I wonder if you recognized my voice from all those times I stayed up with your momma talking on the porch of Avers St.,

or the many times I stayed over once she moved out I couldn’t quite figure it out

but I wonder if that was the same voice you heard that day

You, baby girl, are “my shining star

no matter who you are shining bright to see

what you could truly be”

Maiah Nicole, you are such a blessed, smart, and beautiful girl

As bright as a gem, and lustrous like a pearl

You are reaching a big milestone in your life, your golden birthday!

and what can I say but how I wish I could be there today

Turning ten comes but once a year..

so you gotta make it good and gotta make it last…

because time goes by so fast.


© 12.2003


you call me lazy and dumb

I say get to know me hermano

I’ve just begun

don’t know this new language

it has been imposed

trying to find out where the problem arose

U.S. Citizenship

a privilege, you say

I didn’t arrive here with intentions to stay

I was looking to break away from the chains of Spanish rule

only to be restrained again

and used as a tool

to fight for a country

that thinks I’m a fool

’cause I dropped out of school

and worked in the fields

to feed my family and

fight of poverty

that haunts me when I sleep

because I too woke up one day

and found out that I am not

the system’s idea of an American

I guess they were right I am not their idea of an American

but I am an American, A-me-ri-can, Am-e-rican, I’m a rican

I’m a rican! A Puerto Rican

who shares your struggle for a better economic condition

and if one day I may be able to return to

Mi isla del encanto

I will not leave without knowing that our people are free

that there will be no such thing as an “illegal alien” in history

and when that day comes, hermano,

I hope that you will visit me and bring those enchiladas and chilaquiles

that I will miss so dearly as I will be waiting for you with

Lechon Asao, Arroz con Gandules, and Cafe Colao,

Puerto Rican style


Poem inspired by: Boricua, Mexicano Luchando Mano a Mano Campaign, Chicago

an ode to a friend

© 12.23.14

my friend and spiritual brother in Christ

a man who has been given keys and entrusted with much at different points of his life

in different spaces and by different people

the Lord says “When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.”

With a heart for God that like many of us may stray, but always find our way back to Him

to that place we call home, which we long to find here on earth

and it pains us when we cannot find it in our family, in our friends, nor in our church communities

just moments that feel like home, that may remind us of a place we vaguely remember,

a place like the womb that holds us, creates us, and keeps us warm and protected

until life appears at the end of the tunnel

and a sound of cry breaks through the darkness and into the light

That is what we long for again….and we search and search for it in all the wrong places

the places that leave us empty until we open ourselves up to the Lord

and get a taste of his unconditional Love

and we are transformed no longer who we thought we were

and all of a sudden nothing is relevant everything is made brand new

The Lord says “we cannot put new wine into old wineskins”

The Lord also says in 1 corinthians 13 “ when I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became an adult, I put an end to childish ways.”

and here we are…open to God’s love and affection

waiting in patience and understanding for His holy divine direction…




© 01.18.15

the question was if I had a chance to meet Martin Luther King, Jr what would I say?

I would want him to share with me how he got through those difficult times

when even with scripture and prayer one has to wait on God

and knowing the magnitude of what laid before him

knowing so many people’s lives relied on this dream he envisioned

how he still waited patiently for God’s permission

to keep pressing forward with this selfless profound life changing dream

that emerged in his heart and soul in spite of all the risks involved…

And I would tell him his words still resonate today

words like


“now is the time”

“we cannot turn back”

“we shall always march ahead”

and we are up against some of the same institutions he peacefully protested against

as they use different strategies to oppress people of color and keep us from one another

from building spiritual unity and community

because they know these things are what makes us strong

and they try to make us feel like we are wrong

they try to break us down in different ways

still dealing with police brutality and stop and frisk these days

and mass incarceration as the new jim crow

on this very day we must remember and know

that we cannot allow for them to keep us from having a brighter day,

and MLK said something very clear, in fact I could almost hear him sing:



and I think about what that means for me

for my family and my community at this particular time

How can we battle peacefully against these daily forces

that no one but those who are experiencing it can really know how it feels

In reading about the life of MLK and in thinking really hard about this

I imagine MLK had his people whom he trusted, his safe space

we should have a safe space where we can go to and discuss our frustrations,

a healing circle to hold us

it is also evident that MLK was a religious man

with a heart for God who had a strong relationship with Christ through prayer and contemplation

We must have a firm spiritual foundation

where we can draw strength from to stand up to the injustices of today

to speak out, to write our stories, to be heard

A spiritual foundation that is well integrated and life affirming…

We must also educate and open our hearts to honor the elders

who have paved the way for us through their struggles

through what they have left behind for us to grow and continue striving for unity and peace.

We should be able to look at our enemies and see love and not ego

to speak loving words when ego is screaming it just wants to be right

to challenge those voices in our heads that are not life giving

to be able to conquer evils with the truth of who we are

to be mindful when fear appears into our life, and creeps into our hearts and souls,

and keeps us from being who God has called us to be…

MLK lived out his purpose and even though he lost his life on this Earth for it,

he gained his life in eternity…